Monday, March 16, 2009

I love opening my blog and seeing my little baby ticker getting so close to the end. 2 DAYS! And then who knows how many....

I had another appt on Friday and I'm at a 3 now. I had quite a few contractions over the weekend, but they never got regular enough to even keep track of them. I have another appt on my due date so we'll see how that goes. Just like they say. Every baby is different. Every labor is different. Every everything is different, and that is certainly true in this case. I didn't have any contractions with Henry until my labor actually started, nor was I ever dilated, so this is kind of throwing me for a loop. I'm honestly not too antsy yet. My life is reeeaaal easy now with just little Henry. He's been such a joy recently so I'm just trying to savor every moment until we have a major life change. I am getting antsy about labor though. The sooner it starts, the sooner it's done with. If you know what I'm saying. But, of course I am just as excited as ever to meet our little girl!

We had a great weekend with family and I got pampered quite a bit with lots of breaks to relax. Henry spent the night at his cousin's house Friday and then he was there again with RJ for a lot of the afternoon on Saturday so I could rest after a family bridal shower. It was lovely.

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather! We babysat this morning and Henry is taking a long nap so we might not make it out today, but you bet we will tomorrow. I love Spring!

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Alisa said...

I love it the suspense of when it will be!!!


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