Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had a good time at the mall today walking with some friends. I did good at resisting buying stuff, but there wasn't too much to tempt me so that makes it real easy. I did get a gift for a friend who is being induced as we speak. She started at 7:00 and the anticipation is killing me!

My pregnancy insomnia is getting ridiculous. I know I'm not the first to deal with it, so complaining about it gets old, but I'm tired. I only slept from 12:30-3:30 last night and was finally able to get back to sleep at 6 and then Henry was up at 7:00. I've started doing something a bit naughty the last couple of days....letting Henry watch tv in our bed when he wakes up so I can get some more sleep. I don't get much because every 10 minutes he lifts the pillow off of my head to tell me hello or ask where George or Clifford went, but it helps. And I'm sure we've all done this a time or two, right!?!

Craigslist. I love you. I hate you. I love you when I think I've "sold" 5 things in no time, but then I hate you when it keeps falling through or meeting up with someone is a major email-tag. Overall, I do love you. It's been a successful,though annoying, week with you!

Pacifier. The second night without it there were no tears or crying at all! The first nap without was a bit horrific. Talking and playing the 1st half hour (great!) screaming bloody murder the 2nd half hour, but finally fell asleep. Today, he fell asleep on the way home from the mall and now won't go back to sleep, but he's just talking so I'm leaving him in there so I can rest. Cuz like I said....I'm tired.

More exciting posts to come. Eventually. Maybe even with pictures. Just sounds like too much work right now.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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