Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Due Date to Me!!

I totally thought I was going to have this baby early. Totally! I honestly don't mind the thought of going over for now......but I'm sure by Monday I'll be pulling my hair out. The part I do mind is my horribly aching lower back, my insomnia, and my man hands. I'm looking forward to wearing my pretty diamond again someday.

I had an appt this morning and I haven't dilated anymore, but about 80% effaced. So like usual, "it could happen any day". Guess we'll wait and see! It's funny how last week I woke up every day feeling like today could be the day, and now that I'm to this point, I'm convinced I'll have to be induced. Of course that's no one's dream labor, but I'm all for it.

RJ assured me that it's okay if this is a day where Henry watches too much tv. Or a lot too much. Cuz momma's tired.

But for now we're both going to take naps and then have a fun afternoon. Just because I'm crabby and tired doesn't mean Henry can't have any fun.


Jessie said...

Happy due date, indeed! My body likes to hold on to babies, too, so I know how you feel. :) Looking forward to hearing the news/stats/name!

ryangie said...

Happy Due Date dearest Abby! Thinking about you...


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