Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Haircut Time

I never manage to get my pictures in the right order. Here's the traumatized after-shot. Sad boy. Short hair.
The before hyper picture. This boy's got one head full of hair.
Baby Audrey. It was so fun to go to the hospital to visit this sweet little girl! It was a nice visit and made me even more excited to meet our little girl. I can't wait.
Mommy and baby. So sweet.
Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful weather! We didn't make it to a park today, but played in the porch and on the front steps with bubbles. It was lovely.

1 comment:

Emily said...

CUTE! buzz cuts are the best!

oh - and about him watching tv in your bed - i've done that more times than i can count....and even more since the baby has been born. i figure it's ok if i just do this for a little while, to get by. you have to do what keeps you sane. as long as it is temporary it can't be that bad right? =)


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