Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man On Wire

I may be a little dorky, but I love me a good documentary. We've been on a bit of a movie-kick lately and went to the library on Saturday to rent a few flicks. We got Man on Wire, and it was great. Fascinating, actually. I highly recommend it.

Go figure, but I'm really tired today. Harper is the easiest baby during the day, but our nights have been a little rough lately with getting her comfortable to sleep. Or maybe her grunting doesn't mean she's not comfortable? I don't know. We'll try again tonight.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

1 comment:

Emily said...

oh my! after watching that preview i seriously want to see that! i love documentaries anyways.

kinsley was a HUGE grunter at night. we had her in her carseat up until a couple of weeks ago, maybe that would help? she now sleeps on her stomach and i just let her. she sleeps very quietly now but for the first month to two months she would grunt, moan and groan allllll night long VERY loudly!


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