Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy One Month

I feel like she's been around for forever, yet it feels like just yesterday that we were in the hospital. We've had some hard moments, but not too many yet. She still just eats and sleeps a lot. We've had some rough nights, but many more good ones....especially the last 2 nights with a 6 hour stretch of sleep. Woo-Hoo! But overall, we're just so happy. I love our family of four. I feel so content with how things are going and am so thankful for my beautiful children and amazing husband. We've been spending our evenings out in the porch holding Harper and laughing at the weird and funny stuff Henry says/does. Things are good. They're both down for a nap and I'm going to attempt to get things done for once instead of napping myself. Hope you are all having a great Thursday. Bring on the weekend!


Missy... said...

Oh my goodness -- Harper looks like her mommy! Beautiful!

Marissa said...

WHOA - Henry's TWIN!! Beautiful!!

ryangie said...

She's just sweet, Abby! Enjoy those porch moments!


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