Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's almost Friday. It's almost Friday. It's almost Friday!

It's actually been a really good week at home, but I'm not used to being stuck inside so much. I'm really needing to get out! It'd be nice if it were at least warm enough to go for a walk. I did venture out for the first time by myself with both kids to go to a Bible Study at church Tuesday morning and it gave me a lot of confidence that I can do it again. Friday morning we'll head out to MOPS and I'm really looking forward to it. Next week? Maybe the mall! I need to practice getting the double stroller set up. It's mammoth.

Henry had a quick flu bug yesterday that lasted from 5 to midnight. It scared me. RJ took care of him all night and Harper and I stayed away. It was so sad. But after a really long nap this morning, he was back to his normal happy self. Thank goodness it was short and that no one else got it!

RJ's cleaning. Henry and Harper are sleeping. And I'm off to bed.

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