Monday, April 27, 2009

This little man is at his grandma and grandpa's house until Wednesday. I miss him.
Grandma Bloom and her 2 newest granddaughters, Harper and Elizabeth.

Henry and his cousin Jack in action.
It's always hard to catch those first smiles, so I was pretty excited to finally get one!

Harper and I are having some girl time the next couple of days. We had a busy weekend of traveling and fun and it seems to have messed up baby girl's sleeping habits so it's not as fun of a day as I was hoping for, but we're still trying to smile. It was a ton of fun to go to my parent's house and see all the cousins. The older they get the more fun it gets. I love it.

And because I'm obsessed with finding similar photos, here's another one.....


Jenn said...

so cute! love the smile picture!

Alisa said...

Henry & Harper look so much alike! Have fun with just the lady!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Harper is just the most beautiful little lady! Hope Henry made it back safely!


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