Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Last Few Days....

We had a little play date with our friend Audrey who was born just a few weeks before Harper. It was fun to see the girls together and fight over toys.
We went to the fair on Monday for just a few hours. We met up with some friends and then ran into a few more friends. So basically we just ate some food and chatted. Didn't even go see the animals! Aren't we horrible? I could not decide what I wanted to eat and finally settled on a tenderloin on a salted nut roll. I greatly regretted it once I got home and felt like I wanted to vomit.
Harper just hung out in the stroller the whole time. In our new sit and stand stroller that is. That I am completely in love with, that is. That I wish we would have just bought in the first place but am glad we at least have one now, that is.
Dirty feet. Dirty shoes. Dirty puddles of water. The fair.
Corn Dog.

Let's not even discuss how old he looks in this picture....
I can't believe he even wanted to go in the sprinklers. He was trying to yank off his clothes and had his pants half way down before we caught him. Fear of water gone perhaps?

We were up with RJ's family on Tuesday and the funeral was yesterday. It was a really nice service and also really sad. We will certainly miss her! Now it's already Thursday and with all of our traveling lately, I'm all messed up on our days, but am so glad that tomorrow is Friday! We're not going anywhere (out of the city, at least) this weekend and I can't wait. We need some good time at home to get back to normal.
Happy Thursday, all!

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