Monday, August 31, 2009


I am benefiting from the $.97 sweater purchase I made at Old Navy at the end of the season. I LOVE wearing sweaters.

I am dreaming of having a pot of chili brewing on the stove all day.

I am looking forward to MOPS starting in a few weeks! I get more excited for it every year and this year is no exception.

I am looking forward to this week. I was in a downer mood most of last week for an unknown reason. I felt lonely and bored and tired and frustrated. I'm sure the non-stop rain didn't help either. The last part of the week and the weekend were fantastic so I am refreshed and ready for this one!

I am going to miss our Sunday night Acts group. We had our last supper and prayer together last night. It was such a great group! But I'm looking forward to our next community group as well and we'll be meeting weekly instead of just once a month. I think it will be awesome and can't wait to see how it grows our church closer together.

I am amazed that Harper has 2 teeth now.

I am amazed at my little boy. After NOT taking a nap yesterday after church (but I kept him in there for 3 hours...aren't I mean?? Don't worry, he was playing and talking the whole time) I was so frustrated with him. It was the second day out of 3 he has done that plus is getting up earlier than usual. So we finally let him out of his room and he came down to play and out of the blue, and clear as day, he said, "When I'm afraid I will trust in God." Ahh! He actually listens and pays attention in Sunday School! It is so amazing to watch your children learn as they get older.
I forgot about the nap incident pretty quickly after that. :)

I am planning a trip to a park today.

And we're all going to wear sweaters.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

Hey there! I don't know if you remember me but I met you at Katie Brooks' garage sale this summer (I came early to look at the baby girl clothes!) Anyway, I clicked on your blog through hers and I just have to tell you that:

-I want some chili
-I love wearing sweaters
-I totally had a downer week last week too -- must've been the weather :)

Alisa said...

I've got some chili a cookin' now! Yum!!

I love your kiddos and holla to RJ!

Girl - are you losin some major weight or what?

une autre mère said...

Wow, I'm so glad I can be a connection between bloggers!

I am also amazed at Harper's 2 teeth. Has she even fussed about them? I honestly don't think I've ever seen her cry!

I'm also excited about MOPS. But bringing 3 kids... am I insane?

Mama Foster said...

I so want to wear sweaters and eat chili! yum! so glad fall is almost here!

and way to go Harper! she seriously has one of the cutest smiles Old Navy i thought my heart was going to melt when she smiled at me!


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