Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My camera is dead and I can't find the charger. Grrrrr.....

Henry has become increasingly whiny this week. Today topped the cake. Out of complete frustration I put him back to bed at 8:15 and he actually fell asleep in about 2 seconds. Now the question there something wrong with this kid or is he just tired? Thank goodness he fell asleep because I was about to pull out all the remaining hair on my head. The hair that hasn't fallen out lately, that is. Did any of you moms lose hair after having a baby? I kind of remember this with Henry, but it just started a few weeks ago and I'm afraid to use a brush. Does it end when I'm bald or when she's done nursing?

Harper is taking her morning nap as well so I've got some peace and quiet.

Angel Food Cake update: It still tasted pretty good, but did not rise nearly high enough. I was so paranoid of over beating the eggs that I believe I under beat them. I already bought a dozen more eggs so I can try again. It's fun to make. Easy. Very "diet" friendly. And makes RJ happy.

Next on the baking list: Low Fat Fudgy Brownies. Could they possibly be any good??

Shoot. Henry's not asleep.


une autre mère said...

What?! Your hair is falling out? That's UNHEARD of! You should get that checked out!

jk... actually, my hair fell out in clumps with both girls when they were around 4 months. I remember crying in the shower thinking I was going bald and that it would never grow back. My neighbor lady said hers fell out so bad that she got a bald spot, but it did fill in later. And hey, even if you do go bald, there's so many great hats out there these days. :) jk. I'm such a jerk sometimes. It'll be coming back to haunt me in about 4 months, I'm sure!

Emily said...

my hair fell out too, with both kids....not sure when it stopped but it's very's still happening right now actually.

Mama Foster said...

oh man! i forgot about my hair falling out bad when ben was born...hasnt happened yet this time around...but i do remember freaking out about it last time. awesome.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Yes--the hair falling out drove me crazy! It has all come back in!
I love the angel food cake blog--I might have to get brave and try one! They are hard--even my expert grandma had "fallen" angels once in awhile. She thought that was always a funny joke...I just ate the cake!


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