Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This weather has got me feeling giddy! I love the crispness in the air. I love putting on a sweater in the morning. I love having to use a big blanket at night. But my feet are having a hard time adjusting...they're freezing! It is definetely colder in our house than it was outside today and our wood floors are like ice.

One thing I enjoy about the cool weather is the clothes. I love to layer. I love finding a shirt I've had for years and layering it with a different shirt to give it a whole new look. It's cheap and fun. Today I tried the plaid shirt and belt trend. If I remember correctly, this plaid shirt was from a garage sale and it was for RJ, but it was a little too small so I've just kept in it my closet for years. I wore it when I was pregnant with Henry and I dressed up like Willie Nelson for a party and RJ was Johnny Cash. You know, we were members of the Highwaymen. Anyways....I put another garage sale shirt underneath the plaid shirt and put on a belt to tie it all together. I only got a few strange looks at Target, so I'll call that a success! Oh, and the lovely photo is courtesy of my favorite photographer, Henry.

 I've mentioned this boy's fascination with airplanes before. Particularly jumbo jets. Anytime there's a loud noise, it's a "Jumbo Jet!!". Last night he was rather, ahem, gassy, and had a rather loud...mmmm....toot....and said "There's a jumbo jet in my stinky!". Always trying to pass the blame, I guess.

 This girl is loving her rice cereal. Tonight was our 3rd night and she's a pro.

I'm also really looking forward to Halloween. I'm going to try and make Harper's costume. I had gotten the tights at Old Navy while I was pregnant for $.17 and knew they'd come in handy. The adorable onsie comes from Wal-Mart for only $3 and the toule and ribbon were just under $2, which I will use to make a skirt. So I guess she'll kind of be a pumpkin. Or just a cute Halloween baby.

We've had a fun week time with drinks at Smokey Row 
and half priced hot wings at Jethro's....good stuff.


une autre mère said...

I think the shirt with the belt is very cute and trendy! Makes me want to look through all my old clothes and see what I can come up with.

I love Henry's jumbo jet comment. He's so funny. And I know Harper will make the cutest little pumpkin baby ever!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Abby--you can pull off any fashion trend and look fabulous! :) I always love to see what you put together and cool it looks...and how I have NO eye for that; I just stick to the basics. :/
Harper is going to look so adorable! I think Henry should have taken a trip to see the sewers being redone at church...he could have totally thrown in a jumbo jet comment there too!

Amanda said...

So cute!!! I love your header.

i am a pumpkin eater.




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