Wednesday, September 29, 2010

After 3 1/2 years of being a mom, I still have no idea what I'm doing.
Have any of you figured it out yet?!

One thing I figured out the other day was getting Henry to his room for nap and bed time really quickly. The older they get, the slower they seem to go up the the bathroom...brushing teeth....bathroom again....wait, a drink!...and on and on. 
It is one of those silly things that I let drive-me-crazy.
I'm sure we all have that thing that irrationally makes us want to pull our hair out, right?
I've learned lately that my reaction and attitude to the day plays a big part on everyone else's behavior. I'm trying to be more encouraging and all around more fun to be with right away and things go so much more smoothly all day long.
So the other day when we were headed upstairs for a nap I decided to "race" Henry.
"I bet I'll beat you to your room!"
Well, let's just say naptime and bedtime are turbo speed now and it's great.

So help a girl out.
What are some of your best parenting "tricks"? :)


Julie said...
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une autre mère said...

We do the same thing with picking up toys. Works like a charm! :)

And yes, the older they get, the longer the bedtime routine gets. And I've come to dread the same routine over and over. Racing is a great idea!

kasey. said...

to get my boys to eat their veggies we have "broccoli time" or "green bean" time during our meals where we hold up the vegetable and take a big bite all togeter! its actually helped josiah (who hates veggies) to try a few bites at almost every meal!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

It could be that it's Friday at 9:50 pm after a loooong week...but I've got nothing. I can relate to the grumpy scenario...and then the repentant scenario...We studied "functional idols" this week: it hit me--I want my kids to obey, learn, be sweet and pretty much perfect so *I* will look like a good mom who has it together. Ouch. Pride. Humbling. You are right, our attitude and mood play such a huge role in setting the tone in our homes. Trying to learn how to really rely on the Holy Spirit to change me--even in those "mama's gonna blow" instances! I love these three little people so much it hurts! Kills me to think that someday they might only remember my frustrated days!

The O's said...

we do the "race" thing all the time for lots of stuff! we also pretend our green beans are worms, or our broccoli are little trees and we're monsters in the forest, etc. Sometimes they just simply won't eat their food at all and we say "don't you dare eat that, whatever you do DO NOT put that food in your mouth....doooooon't do it, don't, don't do it!!" they start to giggle (knowing we're being silly) and devour the every.single.time! kinda hilarious if you think about it!! hahaha Our boys are REALLY competative and so everythng is naturally a race or a contest, someone is always "winning" and "losing"...sometimes that is SO annoying and other times it works to OUR advantage when all we have to say is "I bet there's no way you can____(fill in the blank) and within seconds, it's done!! =)


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