Friday, September 24, 2010

Wreath Tutorial

When I saw this, I knew I just had to do it.
I looooove it.
The problem was that I wanted to do it NOW, but didn't want to spend any money.
So I went through my Christmas stuff and found a wreath I already had and went through all my fabrics and flowers and came up with something that was free, easy, (and I think) cute!

I cut long strips of the black fabric and wrapped it all around the wreath, securing it with hot glue every now and then. I also burned 2 of my fingers. Excellent!

I took some black and white fabric and wadded (is that a word?) it up and glued it to make a flower.
I also found some orange flowers I had from an arrangement in my porch and some of my satin flowers I made the other day and glued it all together.
I added some greenery, but didn't like it so yanked it off.

Instead I made some silk fabric turquoise leaves. Much better!

Now, how easy is this?
I'm talking it took 30 minutes. MAX.
I'm sure you all have a wreath and scraps of fabric to do this right now without even going to the store! I wish I had some fake fall leaves, but I don't so maybe I'll add some later. Or a cute pine cone would be fabulous too!

And here she is in action:

Now, about this door. Should I paint it black? Would it just end up being a mess and chip like crazy or should I just go for it?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this gorgeous weather!


kasey. said...

that is so cute!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I love it!

And I always, ALWAYS without fail burn myself with the hot glue gun every time I use it. EVERY.STINKING.TIME!

Emily said...

I love that wreath! I so want to make one....and about the door - I don't know what to tell ya....i want to paint my front door too but don't know a thing about it....i guess there is outdoor paint that would work???

une autre mère said...

Love that wreath! You can make anything look good together! If I tried that with my scraps, I'd end up with something terrifying - which I guess might be appropriate for Halloween... ;)

And the door... I don't really know, but I'd think that if you primed it (I'm assuming it's a shiny door?) and used outdoor paint, that it'd be okay. Can you shellac a door? Is that even how you spell It? Because that would help protect it of course.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love it! Seriously!!! I have a big spray-twiggy wreath--got any ideas for that one? You are so creative! I have a "cool" glue gun--I used it with my second graders!
I think there's some special spray paint or something that sticks to smooth, shiny surfaces and could work on the door. Ask the Ace Hardware lady!

Amanda Taborga said...

See? Her blog is addicting! She's got the best ideaS! This turned out really cute! And I say, paint the door. Who cares if it chips in a few years. just touch it up when you need to. it would look great with the color and trim of your house!!

The O's said...

love it. very cute! We just recently painted our front door black and it looks AWESOME!! We got Rustoleum paint from Menards (my favorite brand) indoor/outdoor, and it was good thick latex paint. I don't even think we primed it, can't remember. It looks great, hasn't chipped at all yet!!


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