Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've loved spending my "free time" (aka: nap time) down in the basement working on my latest project. It's so quiet.
I've had fun trying some new and funky styles out. I figure what better place to try something different than a nursery full of un-opinionated babies?

I had a really bad couple of days with my Henry boy. It was just a constant struggle and one of those days where you feel like all you do is discipline, talk not-so-nicely, pull your hair out, and cry. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. The last couple of days have been better, but there is still a lot we're working on. Because of all this, I am even more excited that my man asked me out on a date tonight!! I am so ready for a night out!
My Harper girl has been a little more dramatic and crabby than usual and then started breathing funny yesterday. Brought her in today and she has an ear infection, needs a nebulizer, and steroids. Poor babe! now I feel bad for making her cry in her crib yesterday because she wouldn't fall asleep. I felt bad enough that I bought her a new purse when I was waiting for her medicine. She's sick. She needs a purse! :This may also explain her super short naps lately because this afternoon they've both been sleeping for 2 hours now. Ahhhhhhh........

Hope you are all enjoying your Thursdays!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I totally need to steal some of your crafty genes...I have none!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love that painting!!!
Hope Harper feels better soon! Poor little girl!

une autre mère said...

Love that painting! Very fresh and cute. I'm sure the babies will love it! Poor little Harper! I know how you feel about letting her cry - I once let Addie "cry it out" when she was about 9 months old and then finally went up when her crying didn't subside and her chubby little thigh was stuck in her crib slats! Poor thing! I felt AWFUL! Luckily, she didn't remember it and I'm pretty sure she still loves me. :)

Have fun on your date night!

Nikkers said...

Olivia really likes your painting. I do too. Hope your Friday is better and you had a wonderful relaxing evening with your man last night.

ryangie said...

this is so fun! and hope Harper is feeling back to her sassy self soon!


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