Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My two lovelies have never really gotten along. I've had visions of what it would be like to see the 2 human beings who came from my womb laugh and play together instead of yelling and screaming and hitting each other. 
I had a (short) glimpse of what that day happiness will be like!
I nearly shed a tear....but was interrupted by having to break up another rumble.
I know there will never be perfect days, but those 10 minutes were enough for me!


une autre mère said...

I'm glad you had a glimpse of heaven. :) I'm sure once Harper can play with Henry instead of taking all his toys that they'll be like that all the time, right?

The Sneaky Mommy said...

They look so cute!
Cody's mom told me awhile back (while I was lamenting about squabbles) that all kids have to determine their "pecking order" before they can play peacefully. A leader will emerge and the others will follow...for a time and then it all may switch. It made sense to least with my kids! I hope your "pecking order" will fall into place, as well!


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