Thursday, February 26, 2009

20 Days!

My ticker tells me there's only 20 days until this baby arrives. Woo-Hoo! I had Henry a few days early and my contractions started the night before a full moon. I had heard that the atmospheric pressure from full moons and thunderstorms can bring on labor. Has this been true for anyone else? So I looked up the full moon schedule for March and there's one on the 11th. We'll have to see if it does anything to my body. Or I can totally see myself going 2 weeks over and having to be induced!

We've had a really fun week with something to do every morning. Makes the days so fun and go quickly!

After seeing some friends have recent success on Craigslist, I got motivated to post some things. I put up 3 rugs and sold one within about 10 minutes! But then you wonder if it was too cheap....oh well. I'm trying to get some easy money to stock up on diapers.

Hope you all enjoy your Thursday!


Emily said...

I have a bunch of newborn diapers leftover waiting to give to someone if you want them! The really small pampers swaddle ones, before size 1.

Laci M said...

Well, the snow storm didn't really affect me because they did start me, it just happened to be a day there was a storm. But, the baby wing was very busy and all the nurses said storms really do make a difference. They said thunderstorms really made a difference and they usually have a lot of moms whose water breaks during storms. So there is some truth behind the storm and full moon tales.

Alisa said...

I agree with Laci! The night I was induced with Noah, the hospital was SWAMPED. It was a full moon and a thunderstorm. Here all of these ladies were flying in, and I was 10 days overdue and wasn't dilated a bit. So hey - I think it works for some, and not for others. Who knows?! Good luck with craiglist! :)

Marissa said...

i really hope you do go with a storm or a full moon. BUT (and not trying to be bad news bear) i went through THREE huge flippin snow storms & a full moon (all while being overdue). so good luck to ya! regardless, that baby will come when it's ready and there is no better time than that! i sure do hope it's soon though - i'm sure you're so excited and i can't wait to hear the good news!!


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