Friday, February 27, 2009

We ended up having a really fun and busy week. We played with a different group of friends every single morning and Henry had a blast. This is as good as I could get with Henry and his cousins Jack and Maggie.

We also got some new hand-me-downs that included these awesome blocks and a tricycle. I can't wait for Spring to get outside and try it out!
I had an appt this afternoon. I thought I didn't want to be checked at all because there's really no reason to know if I'm dilated or not right now. But naturally, I gave in and asked if I could. Just for fun. Well, I am at a 1 so that's better than nothing! It doesn't make me feel like I'll go any sooner, but considering my labor time with Henry knowing I have 1 down makes me feel pretty good.

My Craigslists experience is getting a little crazy. Apparently everyone and their dog wants 2 of the rugs I put up so I've got it pending, but people on hold in case it falls through (which it often does with CL) so hopefully I get them out of the house this weekend!

We have a really busy weekend planned, but it should be fun. Hope you all have a great one!

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