Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Day!

Wow. I am sure enjoying turning 29!

We went out to Biaggi's last night and it was great. I always love going there. Had a fantastic pasta and the most amazing lemon cake. I've had it twice now. It may be my favorite dessert in the city.

This morning, I stayed in bed until 8:00! This is amazing. I didn't sleep the whole time, but it was nice and relaxing waiting for RJ and Henry to bring me breakfast in bed along with a bag full of my favorite current snacks.

I took a long time getting ready and we went all around to pick out my birthday present, which was getting a baby sling. I was pumped! I've wanted to get one this whole time and RJ said that I had to buy it today. He knows I can draw out a purchase for months trying to find the best deal and he would not put up with it. :) So after looking at 4 different stores and all different prices and styles, I picked an adorable one out at Target. I should have known! Target is always the best. Henry took a nice nap and RJ and I just relaxed and finished up the movie, Henry Poole Is Here. (really good!) RJ left to clean at 6:00 and I've enjoyed a relaxing evening alone. Now just waiting for LOST to start!!

Hope you are all having a great week and are getting ready for snow. Can you believe it? I was really starting to enjoy the warmer weather....

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