Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank you, Lord, for a fresh new day. Thank you for the chance to get together with some college girlfriends at the last minute. Thank you for a child who was in the best mood ever today. Thank you for a fantastic husband.

What a great day today! So naturally, I regret writing yesterday's post, but it is nice to hear that I'm not the only mom who almost loses it every now and then. Of course I get overly dramatic and emotional sometimes, but I needed to just get it out. I know the actual seriousness of a nervous break down was no where near me yesterday, but you know what I mean. I was so tired and crabby and way short on patience. Henry and I butted heads on too many occasions. And then today he's sweeter than ever and I just want to squeeze him. Like the kind of squeeze you want to give a cute little puppy.

I'm thankful for forgiveness.

And here's the final reveal! I'm done!! Of course I have a few more ideas up my sleeve, but I'm off to start other projects and will get to those later IF I have the time and energy. And yes, I love to over-embellish!
I got this painting idea from Suite Dreams. You can't really see it, but under each dress is one of the fruits of the spirit....still needs a little work though.

The end!
Oh, and if you'd be interested, I have 2 left over pieces that I don't have room for...they're like the matching swirly silver framed birds that are hung over the dresser. They're yours for free if you'd be interested!


Jenn said...

love it!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

That's one sweet room! You are an awesome decorator--baby's gonna love it!
So what are these silver, swirly bird things...leftovers? Would they go anywhere in my house? Could I redecorate for them? If no one else claims left, I'd love to give them a house!


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