Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Not-so-much

Little boy is sick so no party for us today. I don't mind missing the game, but it would have been fun to hang out with all our church friends and I'm really bummed that I now have no reason to make my coconut cake. Unless someone wants to invite themselves over for dessert....
Shopping yesterday was great. We found some good deals and literally shopped until we dropped. Henry was home with RJ all day with a fever and just sat in his lap and cuddled. It was actually kind of nice since a 2 year old rarely does that. He didn't sleep very well last night and then threw up this morning, but it was just once and he seems pretty normal now so it was just a quick illness. In fact, I can hear the boys chasing each other around downstairs right now so I'm pretty sure we're in the clear.

I'm off to work on some projects. I'm starting to realize how soon this baby is coming and there is so much I need to get done beforehand for our house and for other people. Yikes!!


Alisa said...

Bummer! Ash has been sick the past few days, too. He had a temp, then he had thrown up, then finally we took him to the walk in clinic yesterday and found out that he has strep throat. (weird - they say kids don't usually get that until they're 5 years old) Hope Henry feels better soon!

une autre mère said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I was at the Super Bowl party, but had to leave after only an hour or so because I started getting icky and Millie wouldn't stop coughing. So now I'm at home watching Bruce Springsteen jam out all by myself. :( Hope Henry sleeps better tonight!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So sorry to hear about little Henry! Hope you don't catch it! About that coconut cake... :) Sorry you missed a chance for that!


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