Monday, February 2, 2009

Cravings and Tears

Well, Henry is normal today. Yeah!

I am experiencing the strongest craving of my entire life. It started a few weeks ago. ICE. I think about it all the time. I drink glass of ice with a bit of water all the time. We don't have an ice maker and our ice trays make too big of pieces so I actually buy ice in a bag at the store. I read it can mean you have an iron deficiency, which I do right now and did when I was pregnant with Henry, and it can also be a sign of emotional problems such as stress and obsessive compulsive disorder. Hmmmm. Maybe it's a bit of all the above. Regardless, I want ice NOW.

I just read that Domino Magazine is over. I adore this magazine. What a bummer.

We watched a movie last night, but caught that last 5 minutes of the game. Quite exciting!! I would have preferred a Cardinal win, but at least it was a good game.

Speaking of emotional problems, I've been crying a lot lately and nearly had myself a nervous breakdown today. I really think that could happen to me sometime. Do you ever feel that? Like seriously, I get so close sometimes it scares me. I know I seem all laid back and quiet and easy going and what-not, but you'd be surprised to spend some time in my brain. So today I was at Michael's looking at canvases and I just couldn't do it. I left and drove around until I had to babysit and called RJ and cried. I don't want to paint anymore, or think about it anymore. It stresses me out thinking of what I need to get done before the baby and what I want to get done before the baby. I have such a natural urge in me right now to nest and get everything in my house organized and get everything just right, but I feel like that is the stuff that has to be constantly put off. NOW, having said this, please don't be afraid to ask me to do anything or if you have something in the waiting, don't worry! It's not the small projects I have to do that are stressing me out. I'm just being honest and will probably regret having said all this tomorrow because I just want to make everyone happy. I'm just freaking out a little right now. Once I calm down things will all seem easy again. Plus, Henry just now laid down for his nap so I'm going to take one too. I stayed up until midnight last night and Henry didn't sleep well so that may be 95% of my problem today.

Good night.


Alisa said...

Um...yes...been there.

ryangie said...

summer 2008...praise God that those seasons do pass : ) thinking of you...

Emily said...

Yup, been there too! I'm actually there right now =).


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