Thursday, September 3, 2009


I promised Henry we would blow bubbles during Harper's nap yesterday. We had a new bottle of scented bubbles that were just waiting to be used.
We blew and blew and blew.
And popped bubbles.
And spilled all over our pants.
and the front steps,
but blew some more
and more,
and ran around to catch them too.
Ahhh. It looks lovely, doesn't it? But then we were packing up the car to meet daddy for a picnic and Henry decided to open up the bottle of bubbles and poured it in the little cup, spilling almost all of it. I got really frustrated since I had already told him not to do that, but he did. And he spilled. It's so dumb, but I get really frustrated about things being spilled. What's that phrase? "Don't cry over spilt milk."? Isn't it funny how pictures capture just the moment of pure fun. Of course I don't grab my camera and take a shot of me losing my temper over spilt bubbles. Who wants to see that? I know I don't.
So here's to a new day. Another attempt at trying to be patient all day long. Another attempt to be consistent in my disciplining. Another day of feeling overwhelmed by most of it. But, I'm sure we'll have many moments of fun in between!

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

What is it about bubbles that captivates kids? We used to use them all the time to occupy the kids in the toddler nursery at church -- they were always a HUGE hit!

And you're definitely not the only impatient mommy from time to time! Today is a new day, right? :)


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