Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recipes and Baby Names

I was asked to make a meal for this gal last week since she just had a really cute baby boy. I already had a pork loin ready to go when I got the call, so quick looked up a recipe for pulled pork via crock pot. I found one that looked good and then changed it a bit to go with the ingredients I had on hand. Here she is:

Pulled Pork Rub:
1 Tbs ground black pepper

1-2 Tsp Cayenne pepper (I left this out for the new mommy, but used it when I made it for our family the next day)
2 Tbs Chili powder
2 Tbs Ground cumin
2 Tbs Dark brown sugar
1 Tbs Dried oregano
4 Tbs Paprika
2 Tbs Table salt
1 Tbs Granulated sugar
*This makes a big batch o' rub, so make it in a little container so you can save the leftover for next time.*
I rubbed this mix into the pork loin (or whatever kind of pork you have) and put it in the crock pot with a few cups of chicken stock....though if I had had me some apple juice, I would have used some of that as well. (The recipe did call to do this and then wrap it in saran wrap for about 3 hours and place in the fridge, but I didn't have enough time for that.) I set it on high and about 6 hours later, shredded it, discarded the fat and most of the juice left in the crock pot, and placed the pork back in with some BBQ sauce for about 20 more minutes. I didn't have any BBQ sauce so I searched again for a recipe and found this:

BBQ Sauce
1 cup Ketchup
1 tbl mustard
3 tbl worcesteshire sauce
2 tbl cidar apple vinegar
1 tbl lemon juice
3 tbl brown sugar
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper (again, I left this out for the new mommy)
a squeeze of honey

I may never buy BBQ sauce again! It's way more fun to make your own. So I made this for our family over the weekend and we're still enjoying the leftovers. This will be on our winter menu quite a bit!

Apparently in the new Parents magazine, there is a baby name list showing the names that will be HOT in 2019. Guess what #10 for both boy and girl are?? Henry and Harper. Not that we thought we were naming our children the most unique names ever, but I guess we'll have to get used to hearing their names at the grocery store a lot more often. Oh well.


une autre mère said...

Wow! I didn't realize all the work you went to for that yummy pork! We'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of this recipe this winter too! And I always love recipes that make enough to eat throughout the week!

If it makes you feel any better about your names... I've only heard of one other Henry and no other Harpers! And plus, I know your Henry and Harper will totally outshine any other with the same name!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I got that same issue of Parents and I saw that! If it makes you feel better, the reason those names popped out to me in the magazine is b/c you are one of the only people I know whose children are named that -- so I think their names are still unique -- you are just ahead of the times!


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