Monday, June 9, 2008

And now it's time for....The Weekend Update! Pictures to follow......

RJ got us all in the car Friday evening and started heading east. What could be on the east side? Where were we going? Well, he suprised us and took us to Union Park to ride on their awesome carousel. I've heard about it but had never been, and it lived up to it's expectations. It is so neat! And only $.50. RJ decided to stay off to take pictures and I went on with Henry. I tried to put him on a horse and he clung to me like a cat. So we sat on a little bench and he still clung to me. When it started moving and the music started playing he freaked. Apparently taking your child on a carousel ride is child abuse. He calmed down after a few seconds, but did not loosen his grip for a second. Oh well, it was still fun. There's also a little waiting pool further down so we thought we'd let Henry play in that. Once we got close enough for him to hear the fountains splashing water he started crying and shaking his head no. Again, abuse. We tried to get him to play, but he was not having it. We then went to the slide (which he normally loves) and he was not digging it. So the family packed up and we went to the Amici coffee shop downtown. NOW he was having a good time. We loaded him up with a cookie and a smoothie and went home to bed. Good times.

Saturday was ridiculous. Did you feel that humidity? We walked around to garage sales and the whole time we were regretting it. Ugh, that was gross. My mom came to town later and we were all hyped up for the Belmont Stakes. Maybe I'm a dork, but I love the Triple Crown races and this year was no exception. What a bummer that Big Red lost. Will I ever seen a triple crown winner? I'm still sad about Smarty Jones losing the Belmont a couple of years back too. Yes, I know, a dork.

Mom and I ended up not going to Moline because of all the storms. We just hung out and went shopping. A great time had by all.

And now I have some strange news. When I came downstairs with Henry after his nap, about 2ish, there was a cop SUV outside my neighbors house and 2 people outside the house hugging and crying very loudly. About 20 minutes later a van pulled up and they wheeled out a body bag. Since Wayne's truck is not here (he's a trucker and leaves for weeks at a time) I'm assuming it's his wife, Suzie. I feel really weird about it. They're probably in their 60s and I see them once every couple of months. Really nice, just keep to themselves. When we first met Wayne he told us that Suzie has cancer so I don't know if that's what it was or if it was something completely random. I feel really bad that Wayne wasn't home when it happened. They had kids, but they were all older. Sad.

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