Friday, June 13, 2008


My personality type: the dreamy idealist

Yes, I'm bored. I just finished the movie and it did it's job. Sweet.

I had a friend who worked at Sticks who was obsessed with personalities. She constantly wanted to figure out my personality type and take different tests and figure out all my family members and best friends. After a while, I found it kind of fun. Here's a quick easy test and it got me pretty good. Now it's your turn. I'm a "Dreamy Idealist" aka DI. Click on the button and GO!
(click on the "Take the free test")

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Emily said...

ohhh, I love personality tests! I just took it and I am a harmony - seeking idealist (HI). Very fun~

Also - when you decide to work on your etsy shop let me know. I have learned so many things and feel like I know what I am doing now - so I can be of some help! =)


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