Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I told RJ yesterday that I wanted to sell our house, pay off all our debts, and live a cheap life in an apt. Does it really matter that we wouldn't have a house for an investment? Living in an apt is like throwing money away. But does it matter? Should we be storing up our treasures in houses and investments? Well, we all know the answer to this, but then I found a house on-line 1 street to the west of us and it's a really great deal and huge, so then I told RJ I wanted to sell our house to buy a new one. This was all in the same day. He asked me which Abby he should listen to.

Am I ridiculous or what?!?!?

The boys are down for naps and Liv and Jude are here. It's a good start.

The wall at Dahl's is getting bigger by the second. I've decided that maybe it will be good. It's probably better than looking at a gross parking lot and hopefully it will help the neighborhood values since it will be all nice and fancy. Right?

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