Sunday, June 15, 2008

Okay, what's even funnier is to have your spouse take the personality test and then do the compatibility to see what it says about how you'll get along. RJ is an Independent Thinker, which sounds like him to a T, and our compatibility was pretty hilarious to read.

Independent Thinker + Dreamy Idealist = True Love Forever

We've have a great Father's Day. I know you all think this to be true in your household, but the best dad in the whole world lives in our house. RJ is so amazing. I've been able to tell him numerous times who much we love him and exactly everything we appreciate about him. I could go on and on (seriously) about this I think I will.....but just to him.:)
And let me just say, that every day should be Father's Day. It's my new favorite holiday.

And in honor of my own dad today, here are some of my most memorable memories:

Being mortified when he'd try to shove me in the freezers at the grocery store.

Being carried up over his shoulder upstairs at night and then being body-slammed onto my bed and then saying my prayers.

Seeing him cry over everything. When he's proud, sad, happy, or over a silly commercial.

Now those are some good men. I am beyond thankful for them.

I wonder what Henry's favorite memories of his dad will be?

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Alisa said...

I took the test and I'm a social realist. I read our compatibility with one another, and it basically said we'll never get along. That totally cracked me up - you're my closest girlfriend along with my sisters, and I didn't choose them! :) I didn't know how to write in the extrovert/introvert thing. I feel like I'm both at different times of the day, week, or month.

So glad you guys had a great weekend! Tell that Henry "hola" for me.


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