Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I lost my ring today. My wedding ring. I was positive it was on my nightstand because I can't stand sleeping with it on and that is where I always put it. Well, the boys and I were on our bed playing with Legos (sounds weird, but it's my favorite thing to do with Henry) and when we went back downstairs, I glanced over and noticed it was not there. No problem, I thought. I'm sure it just fell off the table and is on the floor. So I searched the floor and could not find it. Still wasn't too scared because I knew it had to be somewhere in that room.

But it wasn't.

I just now found it in........

Henry's diaper.

Not because he had discarded of it, but because it had been placed there.

And I can guarantee you it wasn't me doing the placing.

I'm already emotionally damaged after thinking of what in the world I was going to say to RJ about losing this ring. It wouldn't have been a surprise. I lose everything at some point or another. This time though, it wasn't my fault. Sure I should keep it up higher, or better yet on my finger, but I was simply a victim to a sneaky little joke.
I wonder what made him put it in there?


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I think I need to shut my windows--the neighbors will be wondering why I'm giggling! Sneaky, sneaky little boy! Good thing he's just so cute and charming! Was it a dirty diaper? Do you want to use my "super sonic" ring cleaner?

Alisa said...

That's funny! Good one, Henry boy.


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