Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have 2 good friends expecting a baby this Friday and then on Monday, so really any time! Neither know if it's a boy or girl and the anticipation is killing me. I'm so excited to hear the news! And to shop for a little baby present. :)

I got a call about the ultrasound yesterday and they scheduled me for another one in a month because they didn't get clear enough pictures of her heart and face (her chin was tucked into her chest most of the time). In a month they'll be able to get a clearer view. So I'll be excited for another chance to see that sweet little pea and to get confirmation again on the gender, especially since we've all heard stories of the technician getting it wrong.

Henry and I are going to run some fun errands today and then I'm going out with a friend for supper tonight. She's expecting in February so it's always fun to chat about pregnancy woes. Basically, a majority of my friends are pregnant right now. And I love it!

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