Friday, October 31, 2008

Man. I've been such a good little, er...big, sleeper lately, but I just won't have any of that this morning! I'm finally giving in and just getting up hoping to sneak a nap in later.

Clementine. RJ and I have loved this name ever since we saw one of our fav movies for the first time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We talked about it last night. And talked. And talked. And talked. Is it too weird? You know, is it too celebrity?? I was looking at a baby name website and it was under the Titanic category and it just looked so sweet. And of course her nickname would be Darlin'.

Henry went Trick or Treating last night with his cousins. The whole seeing someone dressed up in a costume thing really sent him for a loop. He can be such a sensitive little guy, but that is one thing I love about him.

Oh, the election. Has it caused division in your lives yet? :)

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