Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do you realize what time it is? Do you realize that Henry is still sleeping?!?!?!!! He was up at 2, but I'll take this any day. When I say he is sleeping better he's not sleeping straight til morning without waking up, but it's better. Update: It's about 8:15 and he's still sleeping. I can't imagine having a child who slept this late everyday. Wouldn't it be grand?

I had a craving for chicken lasagna. Eating chili for 5 straight days will do that to ya. So Henry and I packed up and went to the grocery store. Upon arriving, I realized I forgot my wallet-- thankfully before I even got out of the car! So we went back home and I figured there was no sense driving back to a different store when Dahl's is so close and gas is so expensive. I try to stay away from Dahl's except for bits and pieces, but you know, I do love that place. There's always lots of cute, rich, old ladies, regular folk, people I'd be scared to meet on the street alone, and just plain strange ones. And I love it. I ended up using rotini instead of lasagna so Henry would be able to eat it better and it was yummy. Now I'll have to eat the enormous amount for the next 5 days.....I wonder what I'll crave then?

My belly is getting huge! The big ultrasound is next Friday. In this final stretch, my gut still says a girl, but I think my final guess will be that it's a boy. I can not wait to find out!!

I'm meeting a friend at the fancy mall today with her little girl. I went to the un-fancy mall on Monday and had the playland all to ourselves. I can guarantee that won't be the case today. I haven't been there for months though so I'm kind of excited.

You know you want to enter your child in this. You know we all think we have the cutest kids ever. So go ahead and do it already!

Happy Wednesday!


Alisa said...

I like your growth chart on the top!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Chicken lasagna!?! That sounds really good! Can you share the recipe...if you have time. :)


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