Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I just went to the below mentioned sale. It was okay. Everything goes half price on Friday so you could tell people over-priced their stuff to compensate. I did get Henry a winter coat though, so task accomplished! And a cute pair of shoes for him for this Spring and a cute little sweater dress for fun. :) Even though this week I'm totally feeling it's a boy!

The other night, I made Italian Sausage Sandwiches that were so yummy. We've eaten leftovers and tonight I wanted to change it up a bit. So I took the meat (which is hamburger and ground sausage in a red sauce), added some ricotta cheese and corn and heated it up. Baked some Ciabatta bread from the store, sliced it, and put it under the broiler with cheese on top. I put the meat mixture on top of that and then put a fried egg (the kind where the yolk is still runny-- what's that called?) on top with Parmesan cheese and ate it like an open-faced sandwich. Anyways, this probably sounds completely disgusting, but it was so good! And a fun way to make leftovers appetizing for the 3rd day in a row....

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