Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We went to Backyard Adventures today. That place is great! Henry is still free for the next few months, so we will for sure be going back. Often. Henry just wanted to swing all day so he shouldn't be too worn out, but he fell asleep on the way home at 12:45 and is still sleeping. On days where I really need him to take long naps, they're always short. On days where I wouldn't mind if they were short because we had some errands to run, their monstrous! He's been sleeping in lately without getting up around 5 0r 6. Love it.

I really want to get to this sale:
Momma needs some new pants. Henry needs an everyday-type winter coat.

Maybe I'll do a politics post someday when I have some good time to get it all out. I find others so interesting so I might just have to take my turn.

RJ was just saying last night that we should get rid of the internet. This is not the first time for that discussion. No, we don't NEED it, but it's so nice to have some type of communication with the world. And I just plain like it.

We found out that RJ's work gives a great reimbursement if you join the Y so we're thinking about it. Again, we don't need it, but it would be fun. The pool, classes, a place to go on a cold day, and on and on. I like the thought of "exercising" while pregnant. I'm talking no more than a walk on the treadmill, people. I like the thought because obviously it wouldn't be for weight-loss purposes so it'd just be fun. Henry could play in the nursery and I could have some good alone time. Whenever I try to start exercising and dieting outside of being pregnant I get frustrated too easily. No pressure here!

2 days until I stinkin' find out what kind of baby we're having! I've been so anxious for this, but this week I've also been thinking about the, oh yeah, this is also when I find out if everything with the baby is okay. Obviously, that is more important than the pink or blue.
Oh, I can't wait to see him/her jumping around on the screen!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oh PLEASE don't get rid of your internet! I'll pick up pop cans and start a fund...if needed! :)
We loved going to the Y! I loved walking on the treadmills, catching up on fun magazines and the kids loved the play area and tumbling classes! It got too spendy to pay $$$ every month and the gas...go for it if you can get it reimbursed!


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