Thursday, April 3, 2008

15 months

15 months isn't a special milestone, but it's the mark for his next doctor's appts so that makes it seem like an important month. Henry will actually be 15 months tomorrow, but I am completely booked so won't have a chance to write. Here's my new favorite picture. It's completely blurry, but it's my 2 favorite boys.

15 months You started taking steps at about 14 1/2 months. It's so fun to watch you practice it all day long. Lots of falls, but you love it.

1 month My little sugar bugar.

3 months You were the smiliest baby I'd ever my biased opinion.:)

6 months 1st 4th of July. You were just starting to sit up. That is one of my favorite tricks. It's so stinkin cute when they start to sit up!

9 months You were a master crawler which led me to think you'd master walking early. Now I'm so glad you didn't!

12 months You're pretty goofy and always love food. If you see it, you want it. NOW.

I love looking back at old pictures. I took about 5 a day for the first 6 months. It's amazing how much they change in looks! The one song I've always sung to Henry is Itsy Bitsy Spider. For some reason when I sing to him it's the first one that pops in my head. I changed the words when he was a babe to have a nap time song. Of course it didn't work, but I still love to sing it.

It's time for your nap, please don't scream and shout
Close your little eyes and let the dreams come 'bout
When you arise we'll go on with our day
And we'll play and we'll play and enjoy it all the way

As much as I love Henry, I am really looking forward to our ladies retreat in Pella at the Amsterdam Hotel. I'll be away from 3 on Friday til about 4 on Saturday. This will be my 3rd night away from him, but the 1st one where he's not nursing anymore(which will be so much more comfortable for us both!) I know I''ll have a great, refreshing time with my girlfriends and he'll have a great time with RJ. The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Saturday. I love sunny days in Pella! Have a great weekend everyone!

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