Friday, April 11, 2008

Out of Comission

car won't start.....please send help......stranded in going crazy....

Okay, so I'll look on the brighter side. Not being able to start my car means not being able to go to a garage sale and waste money. More time to enjoy playing with Henry at home. Time to reflect on the important things in life.

Now, onto the bad side. It's not the fact of staying home all day, but more the thought that even if we wanted to go somewhere we couldn't. This makes me claustrophobic. If it were nice out we could go for a walk, but I won't even start with the weather. We missed our The Office party last night and I was so bummed. It just wasn't the same watching it at home. Cost of fixing it. I'm sure it won't be pretty, but I guess that's what savings are for, right? Oh, I hate that!

Alright, I'm over it. RJ gets home at 12:30 today. Car troubles or not, this is a great day!

Tomorrow I'm partaking in a reunion with some old college roomies. We lived in a house called Nanes. Nicknamed: Nunery. You can guess why.:) A couple of the girls I haven't seen since a few months after graduation so I'm really looking forward to it!

Henry gets the award for "good mood" of the week. He has been in a stellar mood this entire week and it's been great. His goofiness is getting more intense. Any animal he sees or hears, he starts barking like a dog. I try to teach him other sounds, but he will only bark.
What is it with boys and dogs?

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