Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Boy

It's so strange to watch my baby now act like a big boy. The other night we had our friends over and Henry and their son, Noah, ended up sneaking upstairs and I found them in the bathroom. It's so funny that he can get into those situations now. I'm so easily amazed by him. I'm sure when he's 12 I'll be so suprised every day that he can run, talk in sentences, and go to the bathroom by himself. I'll probably be an embarassing mom, telling him I'm so proud of him when he's 20 and crossing the street on his own. His vocabulary amazes me everyday and the way he can understand me blows me over. I know he's average like every other little kid, but you just don't know this stuff until you see it day in and day out.

We had his 15 month appt today and all checked out well and normal. He's still just above the 75% for height and jumped up to 10% for his weight. On the chart that compares the 2 together, he is finally on the chart. Usually at this age they start to slim down so they were glad to see he's gained some weight. He's a skinny little buger. He's also about 3/4 torso thanks to both his mom and dad who've got some lengthy top-halves. His legs are kind of short. It's cute. We'll see them again in 3 months if all goes well in the mean time. With my track record I'm sure we'll be in to have them check his ears and they'll assure me for the 10th time that he does not have an ear infection. You just never know!

This week has already gone fast and I don't even mind that it's a Wednesday. Look out Friday, here we come!

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Alisa said...

Way to go Henry! You're going to be one lengthy fellow.


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