Saturday, April 19, 2008

RJ's cleaning. Henry's at grandma and grandpa's. And I'm home alone. Strange!

I just got back from visiting with little Ruby again. Some girls and I met for coffee and then went shopping for some gifts and brought them down to the hospital. She still appears really healthy and it seems unreal that she has cancer. They've gotten results that the cancer is not in her bones which is great news. Right now they're waiting for more tests results and more test results, and on and on. Trent and Lydia are doing well and staying strong. They are completely relying on God and it's such an awesome testimony to see.

In a second I would take this from Ruby and go through it on my own and I know everyone feels that same way. At the same time I'm so thankful that it's not my child in the hospital with cancer and that's what makes me break down. I feel guilty for feeling thankful that Henry doesn't have cancer, yet feel guilty for feeling guilty that God has spared Henry of this instead of being thankful. Does that make sense? This all makes me miss Henry even more. I can't wait to see him tomorrow and give him a huge squeeze.

We're hopefully going to get to visit little Noah today. I'm so anxious to see him after all he's been through. It's been quite the week.

Six things I'm thankful for on Saturday:
1. That RJ and I got to go on a great date last night. Chef's Kitchen (AWESOME place in Beaverdale) the movie, Counterfeiters at the Fleur Cinema(an excellent German film) and Drake Diner for dessert. Perfect.
2. Our church family. It's so encouraging to see how everyone is pouring out their prayers and love to Trent and Lydia. They really are my family and I love them a whole lot.
3. That Henry is able to spend some time with RJ's parents and that he's having a great time. Every time we call, they say it's going perfectly.
4. That I get some alone time in my house. That's pretty rare!
5. That Ruby's cancer did not spread to her bones!
6. That Noah continues to recover well.

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Alisa said...

Thank you for being so attentive to Noah's recovery! You're a wonderful friend!


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