Monday, April 21, 2008


Henry got back yesterday at about 5:00. It was so good to see him! He was very hyper and went back to his old toys like he had never left. He made sure we knew he was back by waking up 3 times last night, but I didn't mind. It was nice to go in there and snuggle with him since I had missed him so much. It's a rough day today adjusting back, as expected, and I think he's working on some more teeth. I'm sure tomorrow things will be back to normal.

It was a great weekend to spend so much time with RJ. It felt like we were dating again and that's always a fun feeling. I love that man.

Ruby got to go home from the hospital until the middle of this week. Henry and I just went over for a visit and they are doing really well. Lydia feels at peace with everything and is totally relying on God. It's so encouraging to see their deep trust. Please keep praying for Ruby. She's having a major scanning test this week that will really determine how extensive it is. My prayer is that God will just take this cancer away, whether it's through surgery, or by just not being there on the next scan, or however else. Please, Lord, take this cancer away.

RJ's getting home late tonight so I've got about 3 more hours. He already had his worst temper tantrum to date. Yikes!:)

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