Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Ramblings....

So, my car won't start this morning. This means I couldn't go babysit and it means that I'm stuck home all day. I'm kind of glad it's gross out because I won't be tempted by nice weather to go somewhere.

As long as we can get the car started once RJ gets home, we plan on attending an Office party tonight. Should be a rockin time.

Things went really well with Kristin last night. We went out to eat and then she stayed and talked until 8:45. She's doing really well with everything. They said she may have had this growth/tumor for a while now, but since she had been on the pill it was masking the problem by giving her regular cycles. She got off the pill this past summer to start trying and that's when she started realizing she was having problems and then went to the doctor last month. Scary. Why don't doctors even tell you about the "natural" option? So needless to say, she will never go back on the pill! I've been off it for 4 years now and love it.

RJ's parents MIGHT take Henry next weekend. RJ and I have had one night away from Henry together, but it was a really short one. This could be amazing! He'd have a blast. We'd have a blast. It'd be an all around good time. We'd of course miss him and be excited to see him, but, well, it really needs no explanation, right?

I want another baby.:)

I've been looking at Henry's 9 month photos taken by Alisa. They are so good and sweet. I loved that age. I think it was one of my favorites.

Garage sales are in full force this weekend...........Things I'm looking for this summer:
a bundt pan
clothes for Henry (trying not to go overboard this year. Just what he NEEDS and only if it's way beyond cute)
A set of white dishes or white serving pieces
Lots of stuff I don't need (joking)

I'm really going to focus on not getting stuff just because it's cheap. That's a horrible habit and it leaves me with a basement full of junk. I'm going to be going in with a friend who's doing a garage sale and plan on doing some major getting rid of stuff. Major. It's going to feel so good!

That's all. Playtime with Henry!!

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Weekend to yourself: nice!


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