Wednesday, April 23, 2008

me eat a have boy

Did you hear about the study linking what a woman eats around the time of conception to the sex of the baby?

"The average calorie intake for women who had sons was 2,413 a day, compared to 2,283 calories a day for women who had girls."

This made me laugh a little. It also said there was a strong link between eating breakfast cereals and having boys. Strange or coincidence?? It's funny.

Speaking of babies.....I am getting very excited to get pregnant again. I know I will struggle daily with trying not to let myself worry, but for right now I'm just excited. Please join me now in praying that my baby will be okay and that I will not worry. It's in God's hands! Thanks.

Today's thankfulness is obvious. Hello, sunshine! The possibilities of activities today is endless. A walk. Some errands. Heard Children's Place is an additional %50 off their clearance. Could be a good test in resisting temptation.......Whatever we do, I'm sure it will be fun!

Ruby's big test is today. I hope the results get back to them soon. Keep praying!


Jenn said...

So according to that study I am likely to have a boy. I almost always eat breakfast, and I do remember right before I got pregnant I was consuming sugar like crazy.(glucocse levels?) And I was really stocking up on my 'b'vitamins with that Royal Jelly supplement. hmmmm.....

Have a fun day!! I heart sunshine!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Well, now, isn't that embarrassing seeing as I had TWO boys! I must have been consuming like almost 6,000 calories a day! And, yes, I think cereal was half of them!
I'll be praying for the next baby Charlton--for a healthy safe pregnancy and a beautiful perfectly healthy baby, too!


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