Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bum! I just realized I didn't get the camera bag out of my mom's car before she left for home. Argh. I had such great pictures of our fantastic family reunion. Yes, it was a great time. I love my family. There were a lot of people there and a lot of them I hadn't seen in years. Henry did really well considering he was up way past his 7:00 bedtime and didn't get the best naps in. We celebrated my great-aunt Doe-Doe's (Dorothy) 90th birthday, and let me tell you, that lady acts younger than some 50 year olds I know. Her and her sister Alice and cousin Betty were there to represent the older generation. They are beautiful women and it was so good to see them.

Here's a fun/weird fact about this family that makes it a little tiny:

2 sisters: Verle (my grandma who has passed), and Dorothy, and their cousin Betty, married:

3 boys who happened to all be brothers: Stan (my grandpa who has passed), Howard, and Bob.

Make sense? Strange, huh? Makes for a small family tree!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures emailed to me so I can share. It'd be much more fun to talk about if I had the images to show.

Another exciting thing to share is that I was the recipient of a new purse before I left!! That's right, the purse that I purchased a few months ago at the Mall of America and returned because of all the guilt I had, is now mine! Thanks to my dear friend, Londa. The most thoughtful lady I know. And she's so sneaky! I was so excited to get it.
The last exciting thing is that I'm reading the book, Blue Like Jazz. I often start books and never finish, but I got half way through it in the car and am excited to read the rest. So many thoughts going on in my head right now. How about you read it and we can discuss it over some coffee? :)

Alright, too many words. Not enough pictures. I'll try to get on that.....


Alisa said...

i'm diggin your new background!

Lanzens Life said...

It was a fun weekend, huh? If you can send me your e-mail address, I'll be happy to send you some pictures!

Hope to see you soon! I love your blog, by the way! How did you do the background?


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