Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good Saturday!

Good times. Great day. I love it when I can enjoy a Saturday without feeling like there's something I need to do. There's lots to be done, of course, but I'm very content today not doing it and enjoying my boys. Henry took a huge nap and RJ and I sat out in the porch and talked and then laughed so hard we cried at Arrested Development season 2. Literally. I cried. Why, oh why, did that show have to leave? For comedy shows on now, I enjoy The Office and REALLY enjoy 30 Rock, but nothing quite compares to A.D. Ah well.

Hope you're all having great Saturdays as well!

1 comment:

zeiglercustomquilts said...

ok - now i'm scared. could we have anything else in common? we LOVE all shows you mentioned. especially that rare gem that was a.d.


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