Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, it's Wednesday and you know what that means. I really enjoy these days, but it's just the mental part of knowing I won't see RJ for a very....long....time.... So another post! Henry and I are upstairs playing away and having fun. I'm wearing some "new" glasses. Do you like? Yes or No? I wish I would have brought a couple more home to sample, but there's usually only a couple that fit my crooked ears and googly eyes well. I hate having to spend money on glasses/contacts and normally wouldn't buy new ones, but my others were in really bad shape and that was before Henry ripped off one of the sides. So they're kind of MIA and wearing my contacts from the second I wake up to the second I go to bed is rough on my sensitive eyes. Can you tell I've had a hard time justifying this??? I have. Boy, I have. RJ's been trying to get me to buy some for months and I'm just now giving in.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I LOVE your new glasses~~very intellectual and stunning! They look cute! See you tomorrow at the BIG party!

Alisa said...

girl - those are some quality lenses. you be getting those!


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